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Poem- In Movies

by Crystal Torres on November 26, 2017

I didn’t think any man could be
more beautiful than Yul Brynner
naked in his twenties
You stood there
more than beautiful
trying to find your clothes
and I had to let you go
I don’t want to ask
I don’t want to know that answer
just in case
you aren’t coming back
It’s hard for me to believe in happiness
it scares me
I peek between my fingers
watching love stories
I’ve seen this scene in movies
where things are going great
I know if it’s too early
things are gonna turn 180
I was singing love songs
Hallelujah in the hallway
when it hit me
I’m happy
It made me weep
It made me pray, “please.”
I don’t want to lose this
this moment
this feeling
For once in a lifetime
it’s better than in movies
I’m so afraid of what comes next
Let the credits roll
while everything is still perfect
I’m not much of one for noticing the beauty of the male physique. I mean, I acknowledge it, but my friends always had to point the cute boys out to me. A friend almost crashed her car in a Mervyn’s parking lot the one time I did spontaneously notice a guy was good looking. Not because he was beautiful (which he was) so much as because she wasn’t going to miss out on seeing anyone so exceptional that I had noticed them.

Which is to say to every rule there is an exception. I do sometimes notice all on my own that a man is beautiful, I mean, like before he flirts with me and stuff. If you haven’t seen the 1942 nude photos of Yul Brynner by George Platt Lynes, and you enjoy looking at bare-naked, male, smoldering beauty, you should definitely check them out. For many years, I didn’t believe that it got any better than that. Life is full of surprises.


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