Poem- Selkie

by bosslady on April 17, 2011

Not a new poem, just a fairy tale I’ve had on my mind again, lately.


Set me free from my wild ways
Help me make a home
I’m weary of this restlessness
Floating aimless as sea foam

She unrolled herself like a scroll
as easy to read as she was to see
She hoped she could entice him
to steal the skin that sets her free

Set me free from wondering
I’m old enough to know
I cannot see what the future holds
but it’s clearly time to go

The man took her pelt
the selkie took his hand
just as nervous as any bride
over the threshold, wife and man

Set me free is all I asked
and I will ask no more
I’ll bear your band of gold
and not miss the pelt I wore

She set out to keep his house
and tried to earn her keep
If only they could laugh together
She’d forget the nights she’d weep

Set me free from my failure here
I’ve already stayed too long
I still don’t know what I’m doing
but I’m doing it all wrong

She tried to learn his ways
and do as a good wife does
Good enough is good enough
and better than she was

Set me free from this roof of yours
The walls are closing in
I can’t breathe beneath their weight
I have to have my skin

His house she’d kept and cleaned
and tried to call her home
but it fast became a steel trap
when she felt the need to roam

Set me free from that look of yours
that says I ask too much
I want to feel at home in my own skin
and all I feel is your touch

She haunted their home as if in afterlife
what remains after remains are cast at sea
And tried to tell him thank you
when all she thought was Set me free!

January 12, 2005




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